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Comenius project
Eumusa: Music, technology, socialization, art as a vehicle for solidarity.
The European Youth Orchestra.

Sommary of the project: EU-MUSA
Music by its nature has a universal language, as technology now everyone's heritage. Music disclose peace, harmony, tolerance, integration, solidarity, brotherhood and freedom among peoples. The unity of the musical language, but in respect of diversity of expressions. The people practice and languages and disseminate new technologies in various communications. The students want to develop a continuous learning to express all their skills, concepts and feelings in a choral each in his own nation and then all together with the formation of a choir and an orchestra through the European direct meetings and trials, with the new technology and video conferencing. Students have the desire and the strength to act in its territory so constructive dialogue between the different environments to promote cohesion and social harmony. The project is aimed primarily through music, to those associations, institutions, aggregates which propagate the concept of voluntary or that are at the forefront among the weakest, to put them adequately in the context of society. We want to bring comfort and joy to the unemployed, the marginalized and needy of solidarity. The most significant poetic songs of each country are accompanied by musical instruments played by individuals or groups. They are combined with small traveling art exhibitions. The music itself inspires, encourages, supports, drag and preading good practices of solidarity and cultural support in all areas of social life in various cities together in partnership. The new technology helps a lot to achieve these objectives and to promote better dialogue between the generations and the values of the messages musical, artistic and poetic. We want to spread the culture of music, technology, art and poetry in schools of all levels, starting.

1. CEIP Giner de los Ríos / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ES)
3. 107° Circolo didattico "Giulio Cesare"- Via Conte di Carmagnola, 27 – Rome /
4. SMS “Piranesi” – Via di Torre Annunziata, 12 – 00177 Rome

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